Today we want to tell you a little story about Leon Schulz, sailor, RYA Yachtmaster instructor and writer.

This past winter, Leon did his second storage and refit in our boatyard (MC Varadero), and we were with him so he could to tell us, first hand, the reason why keeps coming to Marina Coruña every year.

We tell you about it!

The importance of “refit and winter storage”

Leon Schulz has been sailing since he was very young. Half German and half Swedish, he currently spends a lot of his time in Malta, where he works as an instructor of RYA Yachtmaster.

This certificate, issued by the Royal Yachting Association (RYA) is one of the most recognized nautical recreational certifications worldwide. These courses are specially for the holders of the title “Yacht Skipper”, who have a great experience in sailing, and this certification is the goal of many of them.

As Leon tells us, “if you own a RYA Training Centre and you sail with people who pay you, it is essential to find a boatyard that is strategically located and a service-oriented marina”.

“It is crucial. What might seem no more than an annoying circumstance during a private holiday can have huge consequences on a commercial charter boat! There is simply no alternative to my boat working perfectly at all times, looking immaculate and that agreed refit work is finished in time”. 

It is not only the winter storage what Leon considers important, but also and specially, what he is looking for is a team of people who understand his needs and accompany him in the process.

“What I’m looking for is a team of dedicated people, engineers, builders and sailors who understand the needs a boat owner has. I need them there”.

As you probably already know, having a boat means constant dedication. Thanks to the annual checks carried out on the boats, the GRP can look like new, the varnishing, impeccable and the machinery and electronics are taken care of as they deserve. To the equipment of each year, some parts are added or replaced to put the boat in good condition throughout the annual reconditioning.

Why Marina Coruña?

Many times we ask ourselves why our clients choose our city. We love to listen to their stories, and their feedback of A Coruña and our Marina.

For Leon, there were a few things that influenced his decistion of choosing the same place, second year in a row: the location and the Galician culture.

I was looking for a yard and a marina that is strategically situated to reach as many varying sail areas as possible: sailing south to Portugal and into the Mediterranean, west to the Atlantic Islands (Azores, Madeira) and north to France, the UK, Scotland and Scandinavia.

He finally chose Galicia as the most central place and with it’s own Rías on its doorstep. Furthermore, the fact that Santiago de Compostela, really close to A Coruña, has flights to many European cities is a plus. But also, the city has a local airport, and this is something that makes it easier for people to travel in and out of Galicia.

The location is one of the reasons why I keep Regina Laska in Galicia.
La Coruña is, per se, a very friendly city which I have fallen in love with! It’s difficult to describe the positive atmosphere of La Coruña, but it’s simply the “yes-we-can” attitude I appreciate.

The charm of the Galician lands and the incredible navigation potential that exists is something that captivates people. As Diego Torrado said in our last interview, “we have a gold mine, but we are not exploiting it”

To me, Galicia is something like a hidden secret for European boat owners, with huge empty beaches, pleasant weather in summer, hardly any tourism, no tidal currents, fantastic nature reserves, countless anchorages in the beautiful Rías, scattered with unspoilt friendly fishing villages and rather empty marinas, not to mention the fantastic seafood!

And we didn’t want to leave without asking Leon why he likes to repeat every year in our facilities and with his answer, we leave you until next time!


I ended up to select Marina Coruña due to its friendly staff and highly motivated team, listening to my requests and understanding my needs and finally, most importantly, their professional skills and experience.

The fact that many of the Marina Coruña crew are active sailors themselves helps a lot and having a number of highly qualified engineers, technicians, a sailmaker and GRP specialist in the team is also valuable.

At Marina Coruña, there is further a love for classic boats and I really appreciate that older boats are treated with no less care than the super-modern racing boats that are refitted side by side.

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